Get paid by sharing your thoughts (or donate them to charity), totally your choice!

Joining is completely free, although

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE this is pretty muchlimited to US Residents only.

TIP: AND SIGN UP AS A MALE (Even if you’re a girl)

Trust me, you’ll get more surveys with that trick = more money.

Though you, yeah, can still sign up but you won’t be able to  do much surveys.

Start earning now!

Register here

Try this other panel, too, if you want: 

Oh my god, I made a “male” account & started seeing shitloads of surveys compared to what I had on my actual account, awesome tip! Wish I found out about that sooner :/

As for experience with this panel, I highly recommend this paid survey site, although honestly if you’re not from the US, dont’ bother. You won’t be even eligible to most (if not all) survey opportunities.

But they DO pay. Just look for reviews if you want some proof, they’ve been around for quite a long time & they are quite a reputable company.

I signed up for this though I wasn’t a US resident & I can prove that it’s absolutely useless if you aren’t so don’t bother.

One of the absolute few paid survey sites that aren’t a scam.

You have to be 18+ to be eligible for payment, I believe.

Though I just put 18 as my age despite being 16 & got paid anyways haha

BTW, rewards: Gift cards or cash to your paypal account.

1000 points is $10

The cheapest thing you can buy/give charity to is 1000 points. So you have to have at least 1000 points to cash out. 

There is cash to paypal (which takes 1-3 weeks to get into your account), you can get Visa gift cards (4-6 weeks), e-gift cards to Amazon and itunes (1-3 days), and the charities are: Trees for the Future, Big Brother and Sisters, Unicef, Ronald McDonald House, Doctors without Borders, Habitat for Humanity, Nature Conservancy, Red Cross, American Cancer Society, and American Heart Association.

I joined yesterday as a male. I did the first 3 surveys which are a getting to know you, and then today I answered 1 survey (working on my second) for 90 points, and then I had 2 other surveys I didn’t qualify for, but you still get 5 points for those, for your time.

I currently have a 200 point survey sitting in my queue that I’m hoping I qualify for.

So yeah, totally sign up as male, and vary the age a bit. They don’t need 1,000,000 mid-20 dudes.

fun fact I’m a female and I got chosen to test nail polishes and got to keep them 

this website gave me candy to try out for their surveys!!



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